Performing Rental Home inspections is an important part of the renting process. Even if landlords have a great tenant, routine inspections can help prevent big problems down the road. Home Inspection also indicates to a tenant the type of condition Landlord expect the property to be returned in.

In the absence of a home inspection report, it very difficult to capture actual damage to the property and home equipment which may lead to disputes between the parties. A good landlord-tenant relationship involves cooperation and proper communication in term of home condition and other terms.

A rental home inspection involves assessment and documentation of the home condition during Move-In & Move-Out as well as a periodic home inspection to identify any maintenance issues that need to be fixed before they become expensive problems.

Rental Home Inspection Benefits

To Landlord:

  1. Ensure the upkeep of the property
  2. Prevents Deposit Disputes
  3. Avoids Costly Repairs
  4. Preserves Property Value
  5. Provides Peace of Mind!

To Tenant:

  1. Build Confidence
  2. Ensure Enjoyable Rental Experience
  3. Prevents Deposit Disputes
  4. Provides Peace of Mind
  5. Save Time and Money

To Agent (If Any)

  1. Shows Professionalism
  2. Helps to Build Brand
  3. Helps to Increase Sales
  4. Eliminates Last Minute negotiation and disputes
  5. Speed Up the Sales Process Make Sales Job Easy

A rental property inspection allows the landlord and tenant to review the condition of the property before Move- In and sets the expectation of the condition in which the property should be returned

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