Confused about carpet area, built-up area and super built-up. No worry, this small article will clear all your doubts about area calculation.

  • Carpet Area: It’s a net usable area where carpet can be spread. As per the RERA, the terrace, veranda, external wall and the balcony will not come under the carpet area even it is exclusively dedicated to the flat owner whereas the internal partition wall will be included in the carpet area (Ref: MahaRERA circular 4/2017)
  • Built-up Area: Simply it means carpet area plus external walls
  • Super Built Up Area: The super built up area includes built-up area and common areas like lobby, lifts shaft, stairs etc

As the name suggests, Meazurement is an expert in carpet area measurement as per RERA. Meazurement uses advanced technology such as laser equipment for accurate carpet area measurement and provides auto card driving as proof in case of shortage of the carpet area.  Meazurement has measured 1,00,000+ sq. ft carpet area in Mumbai, Pune, Thane and other major cities.

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